We Love Our Sheep.
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Tie Dye Farm SheepIt is time to get in on the sheep CSA. We have 6 Katahdin Lambs and are now taking reservations for fall harvest. Imagine your Winter Solstice Feast with loved, Pasture-Raised lamb, fed only Organic feed. What a Treat! How do Katahdin differ from other lowly sheep? Katahdins were bred with tasty meat in mind. Here is an article to get the Katahdin scoop-

And here is some nutritional analysis of their lamb chops-

How do you get in on this sweet deal?-
We are selling the sheep for $6/lb. Wolf Watching Sheephanging weight. Not bad since the cheapest grass feed lamb in the store is $11/lb. for ground lamb. We require a $100 deposit to hold the lamb for you until harvest.

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