Here Chick, Chick, Chick

Tie Dye Farm ChickensWe are raising our lovely friends as dual-purpose birds. We love eggs, and we love chicken soup, chicken curry, chicken Marsala, and on and on. When they stop laying eggs in the fall they will move on to their next destiny and will be welcome at the dinner table.

Let Them Be Free
And they were cast out of the tyranny of the cage. Yes our chickens are free to roam and eat as they please. They love eating grasses, bugs, Tie Dye Farm Chickensgreens, worms, and all kinds of yummy things that captive birds only dream of. And when they want that super high boost of grain it is GMO free. Now this is all fine for the chicken but we must admit there is a bit of selfishness involved. All this freedom and wholesome food makes super eggs, in taste as well as nutrition. Some would think this is common sense- happy, well feed chickens must produce better quality meat and eggs than caged up full of fear chicken- but alas some corporate chicken producer will argue. Check out these two articles that talk about the differences-

With all this science aside we knowtIE dYE fARM CHICKENS when we eat our eggs or a juicy thigh the difference whether a study proves it or not.

The breeds we currently have as guests at Tie Dye Farm are Buff Orpingtons and Barred Rocks. Both are curious and love to explore for food. They really get along great despite their differences. Maybe we can learn something from these chickens? At any rate we are grateful they are in our lives on the farm not just because of the material things they give us but because they are just so much fun to watch and hang out with.

We love our chickens.