The Farmers
Kyle and Joseph aka "HippyJo"

Sweet, young at heart and learning the trade.Kyle has always loved gardening and getting her hands dirty while at the same time amazed at being able to turn a seed into something green, vibrant, and edible.  Never does this amazement wane and now with Joseph, she is ready to grow enough fruit, vegetables, herbs, and flowers to enjoy as well as to share so that others can reap the benefits of the harvest.  Kyle is interested in growing some less traditional produce and possibly adding some value added products in the near future, while staying true to our goal of being as eco friendly as possible.

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Trying to be the best "HippyJo" he can be. Joseph has farmed off and on for years. His early attempts to start a farm, “Love Garden Farm” were met with a cold shoulder. It was at 3600 feet above the sea in Montana, where the growing season is only six weeks long. Oops poor location choice but Jah was it beautiful. Over the years he has had a lot of his early thinking and ideas on farming and Western civilization verified by a small thing called Global Warming. He wished he were wrong. Now reinvigorated, he again is striving to create a new paradigm in homestead living to help his grand kids have the opportunity to live on and with our Mother Earth.

Miya-Miya Love Wolf
Miya means adopted daughter in Nez Perce. She is our lovin' Wolf. She helps by providing what a wolf does best, being a part of the pack. Just a little companionship, entertainment, and play.Occasionally she will catch a gopher and that's a bonus. She has possibly the best dream life of any creature- liberty to roam, to being just what they are and a free meal at the end of the day, what a life!