We are committed to using our own calories instead of the calories from the past. A gallon of gas has 31,000,000 calories in it. Think of all the yummy food I can eat if I do more of the work myself. I love food; here is the chance to get in shape and chow down at the same time!

Of course we are using the normal hand tools-shovel, turning forks, hammers etc. I want to highlight some of the tools most don't know exist.

Check out our unusual tools, and how they are used-

Broadfork (U-Bar)

The Broadfork
Kyle with broadforkThis tool is so fun and easy to use. I can't wait to use it. It is like an exercise video class without the annoying instructor yelling at you to do more. Its motion is seamless and flows like a dance, and as you all know "dance trance'" is a spiritual passion of mine, so what was once work is now a spiritual day in the sun diggin' life and honoring Jah! We use the broadfork to preserve the soil. Tilling is hard on soils, which results in the need to add fertilizers. We will still need to fertilize, but in lesser quantities. Healthy soils grow healthy foods. Just like humans, love and respect a child and you get a healthy human, ignore and ill-treat a child you never know what will turn out.

Check out a quick broadfork demonstration-

Another tool of flow. Peeling logs is super hard HippyJo Draw Knifework until the rhythm hits. It then becomes like rowing a boat. A graceful swooping motion over and over until voila, the bark is gone. These are poles,Tie Dye Farm Draw Knife resourced locally, resulting in using a minimum of petro-chemicals, and peeled with my calories and back; bring on the grub! Peeling poles helps them to not rot as quickly. We do not treat them to avoid petro-chemicals.

ScytheScythe Twins at Tie Dye Farm

How cool is having a Scythe? It sure makes Halloween a bit easier. When I was growing up I loved the sound and smell of fresh cut grass. Now I reminisce about that and cut our grass with manpower. I hear birds and the wind in the trees. The cutting motion is like doing "The Twist"- all you dancers from the 50's would be proud. I got a left hand scythe and Kyle was disappointed that she could not use it; so I got her a right handed one for Mother's day. She loves it and keeps calling to me- "Look at how much I got done!" It is a lot faster to cut with the scythe than I thought it would be and it is fun to boot.

Here is a video demonstration-