The idea of the homestead was to create something out of nothing. There never is a nothing so we are modern homesteaders trying to create some more out of an abundantly providing Mother Earth; to work with Her or conquer Her. Homesteaders did a lot with a little. We are totally on board with this idea. How to do it without gas, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, and a list of other detrimental items as long as my arm?  What we want is to do more and have more without the thought "We need...." We are trying to create an eco-system that supports itself, us, and a community of people, so that we can all have the healthiest foods possible. We believe in abundance! With love and listening to what the Mother is telling us we are reaching for a Tie Dye Harvest- Colorful, Plentiful, and just awesome yummy foods.

More to come in the up coming weeks. Check back soon.