The Ideas That Churn The Farm

Now I am not looking to debate anything put forward here. These are my thoughts and are worth no more than another's; as with all philosophies, my beliefs are no better or worse than the next person's within reason.

There are so many things going on here behind the act of farming. The "why farm?" question can be easily answered in this video-

The "Why Farm?" big question takes a bit of time to unravel. We see this civilization going down hill without any brakes; we call it Babylon. Joseph has been speaking out against Babylon for over 30 years. Much of what he said 30 years ago, people rolled their eyes and just looked at him like another Hippy who has taken one too many trips. Be proud to be a Hippy maybe we were right?

Thoughts of a Hippy-

Slow Down
HippyJo has looked at Babylon and it has turned his stomach. This society is killing itself; which is not good, but worse, it is destroying it's home for our children and their children. Does any generation have the right to destroy the home of another? And the worst part of the destruction is that so few humans can have more, (more money, more cars, more homes, more sense of false control) than the rest of us.

Our Mother, what we choose to call Earth, is all we got. We are the only animal that wants to poop inside their homes. Sure bathrooms are nice and symbolically we are pooping on and in our home, the Mother. It is fear. We have always been afraid of nature. And why not? We are slower than most things that eat us, we do not see as well, we do not hear as well, we do not smell as well, we are weaker than most. This is only on the predictor side of things. We fear what we cannot control. We as a species are control freaks. Look at a wedding, if it rains everyone gets pissed off; it is the lack of control. We can't control winter cold, floods, huge winds, blistering heat, and too much or too little rain. With all this fear, in a very early stage of our evolution, we said "Screw it- we will control- we will over come-this bothersome planet" and we started doing things that other animals never did. We started wearing clothes, taming fire, inventing weapons. I do not think any of this happened with someone hanging out saying " I am afraid of the dark so let's build a fire". It is more like fire just happened and the humans felt more secure. This of course compared to today is minimal, but it was a start.

Just look around with the lenses of "How does this try to over come nature?" There are obvious ones like air conditioners, umbrellas, even shoes. Then there are ones that are a bit harder to see-like cars. We can travel at about 7 miles per hour if we are in good shape. That is the speed our bodies are built to go, the way the Mother evolved us to be. If you run into a wall going 7 MPH, you may get hurt, like a broken arm but not seriously and you will heal. Now you hit a wall going 55 MPH the only thing left for anyone to know whom you are would be your teeth. We live a 55 MPH life style in a 7 MPH world, it cannot be sustained. Yes we have over come what our Mother intended us to be and do, again. And the cost- stress and all the disease related to it, global warming, insanity, and dead planet where nothing can live. Do we really need to go 55? Do our great grand kids need us to go 55?

This is why we are trying to farm as much as possible with out the petro-related reality. If we can figure out how to be slow we will go a long way to stopping the killing of our Mother. We need a world where the reality that slower is better can be heard again. Would it not be great to have a boss come in the office one day, look around at productivity, shake his head with mild frustration, and then say to his employee's-"Slow down!! We are going too fast. It is killing you. Slow down!"

I feel the one of the things we are not taught is the importance of being grateful. The thing is no one can teach someone to be grateful. Someone can talk about gratitude and show other ways they practice being grateful but "being grateful" is an emotional state of being. How to be an emotion, any emotion, is a very individual experience. We all feel our emotions in our own way. Even though we all can Love, we all Love from our past experiences, which is different from how anyone else has experienced life and Love.

Even in death we can be grateful. Anyone at a "Dead" show will see gratitude on levels our society can find appalling. People dancing and celebrating just the fact they are alive. Smiling, beaming, twirling with the good ol' Grateful Dead just giving us the space to be. Most concerts and shows I attend have this same flavor. A space to remember it is cool to be alive.

Life can be heavy. We forgot what we had at the show. We remember bills, dead lines, car repairs. How boring. The thing is just as Jah and Mah are with us at the show they are with us at the auto machinist, paid job, even the laundromat. We can find that space. As humans, we have been given this mind that attaches to things to the exclusion of all else. We define our state of being by what we are attached to in the moment. Car repair -downer-life sucks. Making Love- bonus- life is great. As humans we also have the ability, though rarely used, to see we are attached and make a conscious choice to be in whatever state we want to be in. This is not superhero stuff but it does take practice and self-love. If the car needs repairs so be it, why should it affect my day?  Why give my energy to something that is aggravating? When I realize I am being sucked in I ask myself "Do I want to feel pissed?’ maybe- maybe not but at that moment I can decide. And usually the more I am Loving Myself that day the less likely I am to pick being pissed because why would I want someone I love to be pissed?

I look to the Providers Mah, the feminine creative energy, and Jah the male protective energy of the universe when I want to say "Thank You.” Now everyone has to find their own path to what, who and why to be grateful. My experience is when I get attached to negativity I can rise above it by giving " Thanks and Praises to Jah/ Mah.” And really there is always more to be grateful for than not. Look around- feel around. The sun still rises; the Mother Earth has let mankind have another day upon her (which is an act of mercy if you look at how we treat her). We can laugh, sing and dance when we wish- what a blessing! It does not get better than that.

Jah/Mah be Praised!

A quick Video of our planting day Thank You's-

More later.