Low Petro Farming

I just like the term Eco-Farming, somehow it sounds radical. We are here to work with the eco-system, to serve it, to play in it, to enhance it. We are Eco in thoughts, actions and deeds. When we farm we are not doing, we are being. Being, as much as we can, present to what the entire natural world is telling us. We hear her telling us to be gentle, to respect her ways, to act as a visitor. We hear her telling us to stop being white men.

We are not tilling the soil in a conventional way. Soils are a delicate eco-system all by themselves. We are learning to respect dirt, counter to what our Mother's told us.

We are committed as much as possible to avoid petro- chemicals. Now we have to be realistic, we can't. Think about it. Here is a summary of the first two minutes of a person’s day- Wake up on a mattress that is made out of synthetic fibers (petro-chemicals); stumble into the bathroom sit on a toilet seat which is made of plastic or is coated with enamel paints (petro-chemicals); get up wash your hands (most soaps have petro-chemicals in them): reach for the tooth bush (damn it is plastic too); reach for the tube of tooth paste (guess what-more plastic)- you get the idea. Someday think about how much we touch petro-chemicals in a day. Wow it is mind-boggling. Our society is addicted and it is killing the planet. I call this the Exxon tax because no matter what I do I am making the bottom line of some Petro corporation larger. 
We are going to do our best to avoid the Exxon tax, Promise! This is our comment to the planet and our view of Eco-farming.